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Client Love

Rhonda & liz
brandon, fl

Marcus has been a supportive and affirming therapist, strengthening our same-sex relationship and guiding us through life's challenges.

riverview, fl

Marcus's unwavering support and effective strategies helped me overcome postpartum depression, allowing me to regain my strength and find joy in life again.

brandon, fl

Marcus's support during my military transition has been invaluable, providing guidance and a clear path forward for my new chapter in life.

the winlows
valrico, fl

"Marcus is phenomenal. We really like the structure of his sessions, which always start with a grounding practice to help better communicate."

tampa, fl

"I am fortunate to have found Marcus. He is non judgemental, understanding and supportive and respects my experiences and viewpoints."

brandon, fl

"Marcus knows how to guide me without being mean and is always 100% understanding. He really makes me reflect on myself."

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