I'm thrilled to have you here. With a 12-year career as a public servant and over 5 years in the mental health field, I've dedicated my life to helping others. I have worked at multiple agencies assisting with mental health crisis management, and on a daily basis, I support individuals experiencing medical emergencies. 

Hi there, I'm Marcus


I am trained to help people who may be having the worst day of their lives and understand the importance of treating everyone with respect and dignity, regardless of their situation.

I'm obsessed with helping all people.

I'm here to serve!

As a down-to-earth, licensed mental health counselor based in Tampa, FL, I am honored to be a rare resource in the field – a Black male therapist. As the founder of Heroic Counseling, I balance my time between serving as a firefighter and supporting clients in their mental health journeys. My first-hand experience with first responders enables me to create a safe space where clients feel heard, valued, empowered, and equipped to navigate life and relationships in a judgment-free counseling environment. 

My experience and specialization span traditional and non-traditional relationships, poly-relationships, and non-monogamous relationships, making me a valuable resource for those who are neurodivergent and in non-monogamous relationships. I look forward to working with you on your path to mental health and well-being. Welcome to Heroic Counseling, where compassion, understanding, and support are our guiding principles.

My clients have shared some kind words about their experiences with me.
"At Heroic Counseling, I'm dedicated to creating a safe, judgment-free space where clients feel heard, valued, and empowered to navigate life and relationships, no matter their circumstances." – Marcus

How I Like To Relax

family time & flag football

Favorite Drink

Jonny Vegas

Favorite Season


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Favorite TV Show/Movie

Air-force 1, The Fugitive, Law Abiding Citizen

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